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Friday, March 25, 2005

Impress Her - Cook For Her

Some say that nothing turns a woman on more than a man who knows how to cook. All the recipes in this blog are all quite easy, just take your time and don’t get stressed. Cooking should be fun and enjoyable. Put some music on and relax.

You will need to inventory your kitchen and perhaps get a few new items. Make sure to use the proper utensils. If you have not really cooked before, you may not own knives or pots and pans. Buy yourself a decent quality set of knives, although I use a chef's knife for most everything. Make sure to keep you knives sharp. There are many varieties of knife sharpeners are that are easy to use. There is nothing that looks more pathetic than someone chopping vegetables with a steak knife. Salad looks best served in a salad bowl; this is pretty elementary stuff, isn’t it? Get yourself a pepper mill, fresh ground pepper tastes much better. Try to use fresh whole foods in place of prepackaged, this includes fresh herbs.

I love to cook and as you get more comfortable in the kitchen, so will you. Cooking can be therapeutic; my dad seems to get enjoyment out of cooking and is a great cook.


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okay, i am impressed!

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