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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dating - Quick tips to score you big points on a date:

If you are having her over to your place, buy a tablecloth, flowers, and some candlesticks. Set the table with the tablecloth, flowers, and candlesticks, she will be very impressed and perhaps even aroused. Make sure your place is clean, don't just pick things up, vacuum, dust and wipe things down with household cleaners. Now cook or barbeque something you know she will enjoy. Have a bottle of wine chilling if she likes white or opened if she likes red. Do not drink too much on your own or when she gets there, you may do something foolish which will only lose you points.

Have a small gift and a card with a handwritten note in it, the gift can be something as simple as a scarf or a bottle of perfume, but you will score more points for getting her something thoughtful. Giving a gift just because you are thinking of her is much more romantic than giving her a gift on her birthday or Valentine's Day, because it is unexpected.

If you haven’t taken her out for a while, take her on an official date. One of the most common complaints from women in long term relationships is their mate no longer takes them out or does special things for them. Take her on a first date again; this will be fun for both of you. Pretend you are going to prom again, rent a limo, take her to a nice dinner then out for a drink and some dancing, you are sure to get bedroom point for this.

Get involved in an activity together. Sign up for a Spanish class, or a pottery class, but you will score a lot more points if it’s a dance class, women love to dance. Give her a card telling her you have signed up for the classes, because you love her.

Don’t talk too much. She will want to share equally in the conversation. If she is dominating the conversation tell her, but nicely. And don’t talk too fast, this makes you appear nervous.

Make and hold eye contact. It appears that you are not paying attention if you are not looking in the eye of the person who is speaking to you, even though you may be. It is also considered rude not to be looking at the person who is speaking to you.

Stand or sit up straight. This shows confidence and good manners.

Practice good hygiene. Women want a man who takes care of himself. Make sure your nails are not too long and do not have dirt under them. Make sure you don’t smell, if you have been told you have body odor, use deodorant and a little aftershave, but don’t use too much this will only put her off (you should only need about one sprits.) Learn more about hygiene in the chapter on grooming.

Listen to your mother. Your mother probably told you not to chew with your mouth open, or not to talk with your mouth full, to sit up straight, etc. Women also respect a man who has a good relationship with his mother.


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