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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Commentary – CD and DVD Clubs.

If you are considering joining one of these clubs, think again! The clubs are designed to get you in with a great deal like, “7 free CDs, buy 1 at full price with nothing more to buy ever!” This will reel you in, and then they start sending you a CD or DVD every month. The hard part is getting them to stop; this isn’t just hard, it’s nearly impossible! The staff is trained to try and sell you the club if you try to quit, so they will offer incentives. The site actually has a “cancel membership” option if you search and scour very hard, but once you get there the page says this:

We're sorry! Our website is unavailable right now, while we perform System maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please stop by later today, when our site will be back up and running.

The page has been like this for 10 days so far, obviously another tactic to try and keep your credit card on file, so they can continue sending you these DVDs that seem to continue coming no matter what you do. They are like zombies in a horror film, they just won’t die! Of course, there are handy links on the cancel membership page and this lovely line:

If you are interested in joining the ColumbiaHouse.com Music or DVD Clubs, click on one of the links below.



Blogger robi said...

You should take a screen capture of that and put it on your site. That is very unethical behvior!

6:52 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Yeah, I will get a screenshot. The page is still there and unchanged.

8:18 PM

Blogger Neel said...

There is a link up to the page now, let's see how long it takes them to do something about it.

8:45 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Man, it's been over a month and that page is still the same. It's quite obviously a tactic.

9:38 PM

Blogger boabhan sith said...

They're damn sneaky that way...damn sneaky!

6:09 PM


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