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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Lake District

She shivered under the covers, her thin gown not serving as much protection against the frigid air. He seemed to have been gone for an eternity; she picked up her watch from the bedside table and looked at it again, how long could it take to chop a bit of wood? Looking out the mullioned windows; she could see a few stars and the trees slightly lit by the glow of the nearly full moon. Just then the door to the tiny cottage flung open and she heard his heavy footsteps as he crossed the floor, she could hear him loading the wood into the stove. The banging and clanking persisted for a few minutes before all she could hear was the crackling and popping of the wood.

His silhouette appeared in the doorway; he ducked slightly as he stepped into the room. He tugged at the heavy woolen cable knit jumper, stretching it over his head and tossing it on the floor beside her. The illuminations of the candle light danced across his skin still glistening from the sweat of his labor. His muscles were swollen and taught, he looked like an Adonis standing before her, she thought to herself. He removed his heavy corduroy dungarees, she grinned as they fell to the floor revealing his naked body in its entire splendor.

He lifted the covers of the bed peeling back the blankets and downy duvet; he slid his body next to hers. She breathed in the heady aroma of smoke, wood sap and sweat, it was quite intoxicating. She no longer felt cold.


Blogger M said...

More than erotic, i would say this is sensual..and I like it!

When you have the time, check my previous posts on www.m4me.blogspot.com

7:12 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

wow. that was really nice...quite tasteful. I've come across some "extreme" blogs with detailed references of many things...but that is more along the lines of sweet sensuality, not hardcore existence. I really enjoyed that. Bravo!

7:53 PM

Blogger Neel said...

M, thanks its just a teaser. i will follow it up with something soon. I will definitely check out your blog.

Mitzzee, thank you. I agree, I have seen enough raunchy things with all the spam etc out there.

8:23 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

oooh... naughty and nice! very good, looking forward to reading more!

9:48 PM

Blogger gulnaz said...

i think its romantic....:)
She breathed in the heady aroma of smoke, wood sap and sweat, it was quite intoxicating., hmmm...:)

5:09 AM

Blogger NicoleBraganza said...

That was beautiful...

11:04 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

you're such a tease..

a romantic.

but a tease none-the-less.

2:40 PM

Blogger Sarah said...


maybe i'll get my bf to act this out for me... except we don't have a woodstove.. details details..

2:41 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Natasha, Gulnaz, and Nicole thanks very much. I will write more soon.

Sarah, more teasing to come.

6:42 PM

Blogger Lorena said...

very nice and i agree with ms.laughs --> very much a tease!

8:30 PM

Blogger iamnasra said...

Very teasing..The heat were spreading

10:53 PM

Blogger Sk8RN said...

This post matches your profile pic remarkably well. Your head reaching the top of the photo reminds me of the man nodding his head through the doorway. And the lightbulb is suggestive of that candlelight. Great post!

11:04 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

yes.. my name is Sarah. ssshh.. don't tell anyone.

i think i'll post another erotic story sometime. =)

11:56 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

part deux is eagerly anticipated...

i wanna know if this giant is hung!


4:23 PM

Blogger transience said...

sensual teasing. you tickle romance pink, neel. i liked this piece very much.

5:32 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Thanks Lorena, its always nice to see your smiling face!

5:56 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Nasra, thanks for visiting again.

5:57 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Sk8Rn, what a cool combination, a skater who is a nurse or vice versa. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ms. Laughs, your secret is safe with me!

Transience, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really enjoy your writing, but I enjoy the writing of so many in "our clique."

6:00 PM

Blogger cedia said...

And then?? ......... Can't wait for the next piece.

btw, You're a great writer.

6:37 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

quit sucking up to transience.


6:38 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Ms L, you are part of the clique. I enjoy your writing too!

Cedia, where have you been? I've missed you, and thanks!

6:44 PM

Blogger cedia said...

I went camping this weekend. Tiring weekend.

9:58 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

Neel Sen....the shit I be sportin is all good, trust me. Post anotha please....I like the way you write. ;)

6:29 AM

Blogger DeeM said...

Yum. Looking forward to the follow up!

7:46 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

well.. if you're sucking up to me too.. i guess it's OK.

=) who loves ya baby!

12:27 PM

Blogger mermaid said...

I hope this was real, and not fiction. If so, bravo, and I am honored to know someone who is brave enough to portray sensual love as deep as spiritual love. They are one in the same.

1:25 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Cedia, I hope you had fun!

Mitzzee, thanks! I love your blog, lots of sexy pics! And i dig the chick in the hairdryer, spacehelmet!

3:27 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Deem, its coming soon!

Ms Laughs, Is it Kojak?

Mermaid, welcome and sorry I just made it up.

3:29 PM

Blogger Robin said...

We have a wood stove and it was just as if you were in my room. Excellently written.

7:57 PM

Blogger Neel said...

I wasn't in your room, I swear!

10:39 PM


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