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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tribute to my Readers

Thanks to all of you who have been visiting and commenting on my blog. I am very fortunate to have some readers who have been with me from the begining and now I am getting new readership.

I have promised (to some of my readers) to write a short story on here, we will have to see how that goes, maybe you can give me some ideas. I figured something a bit erotic is always a good read, what do you think?

Perhaps when I have a bit more time I will do something like Cedia did and thank you each individually. If you would like me to add a link to your blog or site, just let me know. Again, many thanks!


Blogger cedia said...

I want a hot steamy porn story. I wrote one.. sorry and not so erotic but damn.. it takes forever to write them.

Anyhoo.. that's my vote: Porn.
It could be proper porn, if you feel more comfortable. Don't ask me what exactly is proper porn. It just sounds proper, sort of.

8:38 PM

Blogger Neel said...

I was thinking about keeping it "R" rated. Maybe I will write something special just for you.

9:03 PM

Blogger cedia said...

LOL. I know. I ask too much.

I'm interested in religion. Don't mind that fact that I don't go to church. That's another story.

I like things angelic, things dark, things miraculous.

Or something about where no one has been before.. but have always thought about.

Anyhoo, I'm sure whatever you write about will be a good read.

9:09 PM

Blogger transience said...

yeah. erotica is always good.

10:28 PM

Blogger naughtygirl said...

hey thanks for the visits. i say go erotic!! woohooo.lol

2:57 AM

Blogger anumita said...

A strong storyline naturally sprinkled with a little hot moments would be great!

5:18 AM

Blogger eden said...

ey thanks for commenting on my blog and taking time reading it.

well,erotic hot moments will surely invite readers....:)

keep it up!

7:47 AM

Blogger venus said...

Neel, you have created this mystery, we were having discussion about you, whether u are an indian by origin. May be you can solve our mystery!

8:01 AM

Blogger Lorena said...

look forward to your short story and don't forget, some photographs :) it's also nice that you visit as well, thanks.

9:17 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

i have erotica on my site.. WAY back in the archives. February of last year.. i believe.

it doesn't take me long to write an erotic story.. i just don't do it very often because i post at work and.. it's NAUGHTY hello!

:) a direct link..


11:44 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Cedia, not sure what to write, it will be whatever comes to mind.

Transience, you got it.

1:12 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Jerzee and Anumita, I should have something up before the end of the day (Pacific Time).

1:14 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Eden, I think you are probably right.

Venus, I shall remain an Enigma, but if you search a bit on this blog you can find your answer, also my name should be another hint.

1:15 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Lorena, I enjoy taking photos also, I will see what I can do about appealing to another sense on here.

Ms. Laughs, I read your story you naughty girl!

1:17 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

ah.. but did you dig it.. Hahaha..

2:19 PM

Blogger transience said...

excellent erotica, sarah. i've only ever written one pseudo-erotica thingie. inspired by anais nin and henry miller, even. egh.

8:16 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Yes, she is right very well written. I didn't know your name was Sarah.

Wow, Nin and Miller, you are in good company. Have you read Under the Roofs Of Paris? Very naughty indeed.

8:20 PM

Blogger gulnaz said...

ooh story time *rubs my hands in excitement* now what shall it be?
hmmm....what about some story from a little kid's pov

3:56 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Gulnaz, I like your idea, and I will write something about that later. For now I am going to appease the masses and write something slightly erotic.

1:16 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

hey thanks neel! you already added me to your links, and thanks for showing me how i will get you added one of these days. ~n

5:44 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

i LOVE anais nin..

4:23 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Tasha, no problem.

Ms Laughs... I love her too!


your new best friend.

6:56 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

thanks again.

1:39 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

porn would have been good like C said.

1:39 PM

Blogger gusgreeper said...

thanks for taking a look at mine. i'll be linking you, this blog is good times !

4:14 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Thanks a lot Spock. I have linked all the regulars and if anyone else would like to be linked please let me know.

1:21 AM


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