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Friday, July 15, 2005

Free Katie Holmes!

I heard an amusing interview with Rock Icon Iggy Pop yesterday on NPR. I have known of Iggy Pop for 25 years or so, but I have never been a huge fan, the way I am of his friend and rock and roll collaborator David Bowie. Iggy commanded the interview yesterday and made the interviewer laugh and look rather silly on more than one occasion.

He discussed his exercise regime of sex and Qigong (pronounced Chi Gong), but it was when Iggy was asked why he often did not wear a shirt that I burst out laughing. Iggy told the interviewer that he respected the Pharos of Egypt and they never wore a shirt. He went on to say that clothes say so much about a person and he didn’t want to send the wrong message, for example he could wear a T-shirt that said, "Free Katie Holmes!"

By now I think most of us have seen or heard of the infamous Tom Cruise interview and the recent media circus started when he commented on Brooke Shield’s use of therapy and drugs to help her get through a very difficult ordeal with postpartum depression. Brook fired back with a letter explaining her condition and stating, "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression." I thought that Shield's letter was well written and considerate.

Love them or hate them, Tom, Katie and Brooke all live in world very different to the majority of us, a world where what they say can hurt, haunt, and hinder their lives. Iggy Pop lives in a similar world, but he seems to choose his words carefully although it doesn’t seem as though he cares much about what people think of him.


Blogger mermaid said...

I'm assuming this is from Tom Cruise? I can't get over how old she is. I still remember her as the insecure teenager on Dawson's Creek. (Yes, I'll admit I loved that show:)

10:06 AM

Blogger Veeba said...

She obviously sitll is that girl if she's letting Tom manipulate her. I loved that show too and I can't see Joey with Tom. Can you???

10:52 AM

Blogger Pallavi said...

HUH !!

10:57 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

i think he's using the fact that she always wanted to marry him when she was a kid to his "i'm not gay" advantage.

12:26 PM

Blogger Lorena said...

i say let her stay. tom cruise means no harm :)

1:25 PM

Blogger gusgreeper said...

it is over she is lost to us for good.

1:27 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Mermaid, you were right. She is actually older than you might think (27 this year), but there is quite an age difference between the two, he is 42. I never saw Dawson's Creek.

Veeba, I have no idea what you are talking about cause I never saw the show. Thanks for stopping by.

Pallavi, sorry I didnt have the post up yet, but amazingly a lot of people knew what I was referring to.

Sarah, LMAO, you definitely have the funny back! I will be by your page in a min.

Lorena, you are probably right, but he did say some negative things regarding Brooke's situation, and I think he was being harmful in that regard.

Corinna, I actualy dont care. I just thought the comment was really funny!

4:20 PM

Blogger mermaid said...

You know Neel, on blogs, in conversations, on TV, people can say the most hurtful things. They assume their way is 'The Way', and never stop to think what it must be like for another person to endure what they do.

There are many philosophies re: postpartum depression. Some advocate pills, some advocate therapy, some advocate alternative therapies. There really is no right answer, as 10 different people will tout what worked for them.

I could write a new Holy Book called "The Mermaid's Way". Hey, maybe I can invent a new religion:) The point is, it works for me, but not everybody (as I learned from commenting on other's blogs). My patients and family also teach me every day there is more than one way to approach anything.

Poor Brooke. Depression is a vicious, self destroying poison, and Tom cruise will NEVER know what it's like to bring a child into the world, feel responsible for him/her, overwhelmed, etc. Sure he's adopted children, but it's not the same.

I'm getting to wordy again, aren't I???

5:04 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

good for iggy. i've never been a fan of his as well. but i'm sure that wouldn't hurt his feelings..

mr bowie however.. he is my transexual wet dream. i love that man... he's awesomely talented.

5:40 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Yes Mermaid, I do know and agree with you. I also agree with you that Western medicine as well as alternative medicines work differently for different people.

You should write a book, I would buy it. Perhaps a religion too! I would hope that your patients, family, and other people you come in contact are teaching you new things, that is how all of us continue to learn and grow.

I dont mind you getting wordy. Perhaps it is time for you to write something along these lines on your blog, I am sure your readers would enjoy it.

Keep studying your Tagore, he can teach us many things. *smile*

6:58 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Whoops Sarah, I almost missed you. Bowie rocks, but I dont think he has done the cross dressing thing in about 20 some years. Cheers to you!

7:01 PM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:01 PM

Blogger Barbara said...

Katie always has that deer in the headlights look about her. I feel sorry for her in a way. She is young and Tom Cruise is in love with her. I honestly don't think she feels the same way but she is scared shitless. I mean it is Tom Cruise! I think she is caught in the trap of so many young brides. "I know I should be happy because I am marrying Mr. Perfect and since everyone is happy I will force a smile but I WANT OUT!" I think she marry him then she will hit 30 then divorce him. Time will tell.

7:53 PM

Blogger transience said...

i always thought it anomalous that they were together.

9:07 PM

Blogger cedia said...

Celebrities.. hmm...
you love them, you hate them.. you love their movies.. you hate their movies..

They are usually under a microscope and should always be cautious of their statements.

10:41 PM

Blogger gulnaz said...

i think the struff tom said about depression only proves his ignorance. he said something like vitamins and exercise are enough to cure such problems. this lack of empathy and disregard about hurting other's sentiments is disgusting in anyone! I really wish mermaid would write that book, she is so write when she says there is more than one way to express yourself.

12:55 AM

Blogger Carrie said...

I'm sick of Tom and Katie.....Brooke, I like, and Iggy is AWESOME! gotta love that lil freak.

8:11 AM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:50 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

your harem is getting bigger, and cuter! im so naughty.

10:40 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

I love Natasha's comment fyi....dead on.

6:17 AM

Blogger Jaxe said...

Who is this "Tom Cruise" *shrug* Anyway, Iggy is holarious. The guy just freaks me out at times. I've seen him live a few times, and although I don't necessarily like some of his music, I always watch and leave entertained. Definitely an original *toasts Iggy*

8:34 AM

Blogger DeeM said...

I think the age difference isn't a factor because TC appears to me, very immature for a 42 yr old man. Gulnaz hit it on the head. TC's lack of empathy and myopic 'my way is the right way' mentality is most def. proof of his own ignorance.
I love Iggy and Bowie, but am more of a Nick Cave fan myself. :)

10:04 AM

Blogger gulnaz said...

thanks deem. :)

12:23 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Well, I must say that all of the beauties that write on this page are spot on. Jaxe, you can be the exception to the rule, but look at the company you are in!

Barabara, so glad to have you back on here. How does your hair look these days. I guess we will just have to see as to whether or not your predictioins come true.

Transience, you are probably right again we will just have to wait and see.

Cedia, Missed you, glad to have you back. Well for what my opinion is worth, I hate all their movies.

Gulnaz, I wish Mermaid would write the book too, perhaps you could co-authour it with her.

Iggy - Blah, blah, blah

Natasha and Mitzzee - Huh? but thanks, me thinks!

Jaxe, thanks for stopping back by. Iggy is one of the originators. I would love to sing the lead on your version of Come Together.

2:16 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Sorry Deem and Gulnaz missed you.

Deem, I agree with you all the way, but I am not that familiar with Nick Caves work, will have to check him out. I love Bolan's T-Rex and bands of that same era like Mott the Hoople, and The Sweet.

Gulnaz, thanks for being here.

2:19 PM

Blogger cedia said...

You mean just Tom and Katie's movies.. or every movie??

Because you have to see 'Cedia Does Seattle'. There's only one person in it and you can guess what she does with her imagination. LOL. You may find it in the back area of the movie rental store.

7:10 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

great, now i'm linked with Natasha as a "huh?" just lurvely....lmao.

9:19 PM

Blogger Pallavi said...

Hmmm may i say that its like a pot calling the kettle black.. as if they did not have enough wrong type of limelight in their lives.. SIGH

11:12 PM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:39 PM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:51 AM

Blogger Natasha said...

Cool Mitzzee, you, me, and Cedia! Sounds like fun!

12:52 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

he may not do it in public anymore.. but he comes over and dresses up for me all the time.

me and Dave.. we're like THIS!

1:26 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Cedia, I have no idea what, anyone let alone, I am talking about. Tell you what you bring the video camera and i will help you make it. BTW our naughty little messages were much more fun than the more serious stuff!

Mitzzee, sorry I wont link you with anyone in the future.

Pallavi, I'm not sure I understand.

Natasha, you are stirring up trouble again!

Sarah, how cool that you and Dave are so close. Are you a T-Rex fan?

3:39 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

Neel - good Lord...it's fine, link away, all in good fun! ;)

i'm all about fun....be happy! cheers!

6:07 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Mitz, I was being sarcastic (I thought you would have picked up on that). :) Its very difficult to express subtle nuances on here, I guess that's why so many people use emoticons. Cheers and best wishes to you too!

10:46 PM

Blogger venus said...

It's a news when Tom Cruise sneezes, it's a news when jessica and nick celebrate valentine's day, it's news when shield has postpartum depression! It's a joke on us ordinary people.
Less known people go thru much more than that and only a few of them may come into limelight, like Lance Armstrong. It may sound like I am obsessed with Lance, but I was just trying to make a point here. Lance was very less known when he was struggling with third stage, fast spreading cancer with 3% of surviving chances. no one knew much about cycling or tour-de-france then. It is after he won the first tour, his sponsors made him media savvy. until then, he was an ordinary person, who survived and struggled very bravely. I think, they should change the definition of "celebrity", the one who dramatize and dwell on very ordinary things. I totally agree with you, these people are not part of the world where we, 99% of us, live.

8:17 AM

Blogger Carrie said...

cool. and i did. have a good one! ;)

8:18 AM

Blogger allison said...


11:19 AM

Blogger iamnasra said...

I never thought about phroas in them not wearing shirts..very cool idea of a reason for not wearing a T-shirt...

11:54 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

not really..

12:02 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Venus, I agree with most everything you are saying, and the Tour De France was not well known in this country, but it was Greg Le Mond who brought it into American living rooms being the first American to win in 1986. He had his own problems (nothing like Lance though) and he went on to win two more times. I think Lance is an amazing man, not just an amazing athelete, so I am not discounting your passion about Lance, just giving credit where credit is due. Thank you for your stimulating comment.

Mitzzee, Good Lord! Okay cool, you too! *big smile*

Allison, that rocks! I didnt know they were actually available.

Nasra, if you think about it, they usually wore a Sarong, a head dress, and a lot of jewelry and make up.

Sarah, you have to try and listen to them. Bolan and Bowie did a lot of songs, recordings, and performances together. They were always much bigger in Europe than they were in the US. The only hit they had in the US was "Bang A Gong".

4:21 PM

Blogger Phyllis said...

umm, Who's Katie Holmes?

10:10 PM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:11 AM

Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

I can't stand tom crusie or katie holmes, iggy pop on the other hand rocks!

12:58 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Phyllis, exactly. Thanks for stopping by.

Veggiebabe, I just checked out your blog, very cool, I will be back there. Iggy Rocks!

6:26 PM

Blogger Lyvvie said...

I love Iggy Pop! the man is...well he's his own.

He must have skin of fine leather if he's not worn a shirt for 30 years.

2:00 AM

Blogger Natasha said...

Iggy's cool!

8:45 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Lyvvie, i dont know about his skin it might be a little funky, but he is very cool!

Tasha, Yes he is!

2:27 AM

Blogger Neel said...

what happened to livve?

2:51 AM


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