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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Commentary - Grooming

I was reading one of Cedia's older posts where she was asking to be pampered with a massage etc. Guess what, guys like to be pampered too! In fact, men's salons are becoming a "big thing" these days. One thing about us guys though, we are still a bit sensitive about being perceived as effeminate.

Salons that cater to men exclusively are becoming very popular because the men that frequent them do not have to feel funny about being in a salon which might cater mostly to women, Also, they can get the manicure, pedicure or facial without feeling like anyone is really watching (just a bunch of other guys getting the same sort of thing). This phenomenon has become such a big deal that men’s salons are making money hand over fist. I am considering opening one myself.

Check out more about this subject here.

Cedia's original post that inspired this rant.


Blogger Natasha said...

u seem sweet, how about a tribute to my amazing blog! lol!!!

1:34 AM

Blogger cedia said...

LOL. Still haven't really gotten a good full massage yet. Gotta go soon before my body grows numb to this feeling.

More power to you if you open this salon for men. I think that's wonderful! I sure do hope having women there is ok? Maybe just one? Me? I always leave good tips!

8:02 PM

Blogger Neel said...

I think we can always make exceptions, and I am sure we would love having you! You deserve a good massage!

8:41 PM


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