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Friday, July 22, 2005

Blasts Fail

Another attempt to disrupt the lives of Londoners seemed to fail miserably, as bombs placed in three underground trains and one bus failed to cause any major damage and injured only one person.

London Police are saying it is too early to tell if these attacks are the work of a copycat, or a more sophisticated terror group however, they say the evidence shows the latest attempts be amateurish. Experts are saying that the explosives probably came from the same tainted batch and this would be the cause of them failing.


Blogger nomadic_waves said...

Ur posts make for an interesting read.
Plan to keep haunting this space.

4:26 AM

Blogger transience said...

these people should stop, really.

7:03 AM

Blogger Carrie said...

the age of a new era....an era of terrorism and cowards.

8:13 AM

Blogger Lorena said...

i know, it's terrible!! i really feel bad for them and hope that this stops because i'm sure there is so much fear there right now. so much uncertainty. i see more policeman everywhere i go. so much has changed..

8:49 AM

Blogger Lorena said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:49 AM

Blogger Lorena said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:49 AM

Blogger mermaid said...

Thank goodness for the strong, unwavering Londoners...

1:15 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

it's getting a bit scary..

and some what comical.

no. just scary.

5:25 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Nomadic Waves, Thanks! I visited your blog also, very interesting.

Transience, I agree, but things may be a bit hectic for a while. Today's incident (the shooting) may slow things down a bit.

Mitzzee, It's a shame isnt it?

Lorena, You may notice a lot of changes coming up, such as the random searches today on NY subways.

Mermaid, They are strong, but humans can not help but be affected. I have a feeling people are becoming more anxious every day.

Sarah, yes, very scary.

6:14 PM

Blogger sCruuw said...

I just saw Egypt had bombings! OMG! It's awful!

12:02 AM

Blogger Lyvvie said...

reports today are saying this attack was targeting the emergency respose crews, that the bombs were suppose to detonate after being found.

That's just evil.

2:05 AM

Blogger gulnaz said...

heard about the egypt's bombings a little while earlier! its madness!!!

2:44 AM

Blogger nin said...

Being an Indian i am well acquainted with this type of terrorist activities...
I really feel for them...

8:01 AM

Blogger cedia said...

I can only pray. It's getting very scary. For a while after 9-11, I was afraid to go to Disneyland, thinking that the assholes would bomb Disneyland.

5:20 PM

Blogger DeeM said...

it just makes me so f*ing mad!

8:44 PM

Blogger Yeshwant Bafna said...

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Thanks again.

12:44 AM

Blogger Neel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:00 AM

Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Yes it is scary. And frustrating to feel so helpless.

8:36 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Sruuw, what a great screen name! Yes, the situation in Egypt sucks too! I just checked out your blog, very cool!

Lyvvie, thanks for visiting, i love your blog and your bio, what a sweet story! i agree with you about the bombs.

Gulnaz, yes madness! If you look at history, this has all happened before. but these things should not be happening in this day and age.

Avik, I am sorry that you are so well aquainted with these things, no one should have to be.

Cedia, you seem to go to Disneyland a lot, but it is the Greatest Place on Earth! I have been about 10 times myself, love it!

Deem, come here... give me that cigarrette. Lets take those ponytails out, okay shake your head, yeah thats it, thats it.....

Yeshwant, I am familiar with the Indian Broadcasting Company, I too am Indian. Thanks for the note, by the way, thats a lovely picture, is that your little girl?

Pecos Blue! Welcome back! Yes, I agree.

3:21 PM

Blogger Natasha said...

seems like all this stuff is the only thing in the news.

8:44 PM

Blogger Maja said...

Cool blog! You're a good writer :)

12:45 AM

Blogger nomadic_waves said...

And yet again the equations have changed,the super powers feel threatened,the world stands as a mute bystander as terrorism rears itz ugly head.
A volatile atmosphere prevails & everyone on tenterhooks....wish this is the end of the Beginning & not the Beginning of the End of terrorism.

10:33 AM

Blogger allison said...

usually i like to post something humorous but there is nothing funny about this. These cowards need to STOP!!!

2:43 PM

Blogger Pallavi said...

yeah read about it and also was sad to know how they mistakenly gunned down someone whom they thought was responsible.. SIGH

9:37 PM

Blogger preetishere said...

hii..u r a grt writer...your posts r neither too sophisticated nor too subtle..just perfect..grt goin..will keep visiting..:)

i created my blogger account just to post this comment...:)

11:21 PM

Blogger Neel said...

Natasha, yeah it does.

Maja, thanks I like your page too!

Nomadic, thanks for haunting again, I love your apparition. Your words are so profound.

Allison, well, I agree with you and the mood seems to really shift on my blog when I post things like this. I should probably keep the tone a bit lighter on here and post these "tidbits" on another blog. Thanks!

Pallavi, absolutely! But i think we are going to hear more about why he wouldnt stop for police in the coming weeks.

Preetishire, what can I say, I am absolutely flattered. Thank you!

12:41 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Allison, I love your 80s music posts, maybe I will do something like that one of these days.

12:42 AM

Blogger Neel said...

Preeti, Sorry I spelled your name wrong.

Okay folks that's it for me for about a week. I need a break, its a bloggers life you know!

12:44 AM

Blogger venus said...

The good news is that these bombs did not cause any major damage, thank goodness!

8:12 AM

Blogger Natasha said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:12 AM


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